Corsair Bay Dwelling

Corsair Bay Dwelling

This project involved obtaining resource consent to construct a dwelling on an undersized rural allotment adjacent to the Corsair Bay residential area.  The proposal was rigorously opposed by a neighbour and subsequently the application went to a hearing.

“We engaged Justine Ashley and Sam Flewellen to prepare and support our resource consent through the process of obtaining consent.  Whilst various hurdles were faced through the course of the consent processing, we appreciated the quality and practicality of the advice provided.  

“We valued Justine and Sam’s ability to communicate the complex issues and give us assurance in moving forward to the next stage of the process.  Their experience in putting together and working within a team of various landscape and legal advisors meant that we had confidence that all matters were in hand heading into the uncertainty of a consent hearing.” &nbsp

Phil Garing
Corsair Bay

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