Nancy Northcroft Award

2012 NZPI Nancy Northcroft Planning Practice Award (Planit Associates and Selwyn District Council).

Plan Change 7 to the Selwyn District Plan

The Nancy Northcroft Award is the New Zealand Planning Institute’s supreme award for excellence in planning practice.  The award recognises excellence in planning practice; including: 

  • Creativity and innovation in the methods involved, 
  • The quality and innovation of presentation of any report or material. 
  • The extent to which best-practice planning process and practice, including sustainable management is promoted. 

The Awards Panel considered Selwyn District Council’s Plan Change 7 to be a worthy recipient of the New Zealand Planning Institutes supreme award, representing an excellent example of planning practice.  The planning processes used meaningful consultation and negotiation with affected landowners to the extent that formal agreements were achieved and these planning methods showed creativity and innovation.  Overall the Panel consider that Plan Change 7 will deliver the outcomes for urban growth it is intended to and it will do so in a manner that is integrated and sustainable. 


“Plan Change 7 represented a fundamental shift in the way Council had approached the management of urban growth.  The Plan Change was undertaken at a time of great change in terms of both the regulatory framework introduced through the UDS and PC1 to the Regional Policy Statement; and also in the demand patterns for residential land as a result of the Canterbury Earthquakes.  Through all this Planit, in collaboration with our own staff, delivered a robust process and outcome that will ensure Selwyn District has sustainable residential growth well into the future. I was particularly impressed by Justine’s ability to mentor our staff through the process and also work with the various landowners involved to find solutions where possible whilst still clearly articulating the Council’s position.”

Tim Harris
Planning Manager
Selwyn District Council

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