2010 Rodney Davies Award

2010 NZPI Rodney Davies Project Award (Planit Associates, Vbase and Athfield Architects)

AMI Stadium Re-development

The NZPI Awards Committee acknowledged that the completion of the AMI Stadium redevelopment represents an outstanding achievement in community engagement and planning processes for a large scale infrastructure project.  The project demonstrates how litigation and time delays can be greatly reduced through the establishment of genuine and on-going communication and relationships between the applicant, the Council and the local community. 

Most importantly the project is a functional success being the only major Stadium redevelopment not only ready for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, but being able to be ‘road tested’ for an entire playing season.  Sadly AMI stadium sustained significant damage during the devastating series of earthquakes that rocked Canterbury during 2010-11.  As a result the stadium was unable to host any Rugby World Cup matches. 

“The AMI Stadium Redevelopment project exhibits excellence in planning practice in delivering a project encompassing functional use, design, neighbourhood enhancement, community consultation, and the maintenance of cultural heritage.”

NZPI Awards Committee

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