The Press Precinct

Press Precinct Development

Dean Chrystal lead a project team in obtaining consent for the development of three tower buildings (two offices and one residential) on the Press site fronting Gloucester Street in Christchurch.  The development and subsequent assessment involved integrating a complex array of issues surrounding heritage buildings, unlisted but notable facades, private lanes and the incorporation of urban design principles.  The project was completed within budget and on a non-notified basis.

“I must say I have enjoyed processing this application, it is great to have an applicant committed to communicating the project from concept through to consent time.  We appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback on the earlier concept and acknowledge that you took this into account in your final plans.  With regard to Planit, a comprehensive application was submitted and Dean has been on the ball responding to the queries we have had through the consideration of the matter and the drafting of my report.  He has been very responsive and helpful.”

Melinda Smith
Christchurch City Council

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